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C. P. M. van der Vleuten, E. W. Driessen (2014). What would happen to education if we take education evidence seriously? Perspectives on Medical Education June 2014, Volume 3, Issue 3, pp 222-232.

This article explores new educational strategies and best practices and suggests that if they were explored and researched further education would look quite different from what it looks like now.

A Snapshot of the New and Developing Medical Schools in the United States and Canada (2012). Association of American Medical Colleges.

A study which explored 16 new and developing medical schools and their educational programs. The majority of the schools have developed competencies and/or objectives that align with the ACGME competencies. The appendices to this document provides summaries of the curriculum competencies, objectives and assessments for each of the 16 schools highlighted.

Cooke, M. et al.(2006). American Medical Education 100 Years after the Flexner Report. New England Journal of Medicine; 355:1339-1344.

This article summarizes the changes in medical education over the past century and describes the current challenges, using as a framework the key goals of professional education: to transmit knowledge, to impart skills, and to inculcate the values of the profession.

Salman Khan (2011). Let's use video to reinvent education. TED Conferences, LLC.

Watch Salman Khan talk about how and why he created the Khan Academy and his discussion regarding the reinvention of education through video.