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Shared Discovery Curriculum Folio

The Shared Discovery Curriculum: 

  • A complete transformation of our undergraduate educational enterprise involving all four years of the curriculum blending learning with action.
  • Planned around the patient, taking place where patients receive care, placing clinical experiences at the center of the curricular design.
  • Rapidly immersing students in real clinical environments, providing an authentic trajectory of training, and progressively increasing responsibility.
  • Based on the SCRIPT competency framework which defines the outcomes of the curriculum, provides the curricular framework and defines graduation requirements.

The curriculum centers around early and ongoing clinical experiences organized in three major clinical segments. 

These clinical experiences are the:

    Late Clinical Experience (LCE) 
  • HM 651 Adv. Skills & Knowledge in Medical School I
  • HM 652 Adv. Skills & Knowledge in Medical School II
  • HM 653 Adv. Skills & Knowledge in Medical School III
  • HM 654 Adv. Skills & Knowledge in Medical School IV
  • HM 655 Adv. Skills & Knowledge in Medical School V
  • Departmental Required or Elective Clerkship Courses

Intersessions (HM 553 Medical School II, HM 554 Medical School III, HM 665 Advanced Skills & Knowledge in Medical School V) provide an opportunity for students to focus on particular areas of need and interest.

Frequent progress checks gauge student success throughout the curriculum.  The Progress Suite of Assessments provides a summative assessment of each student's learning and preparedness for promotion.  The Academy and its fellows provide student coaching and development.

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