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The Shared Discovery Curriculum requires staff, student and faculty access to schedules, content, assessments and data that is rapid, reliable and responsive to each stakeholder’s needs. Originally developed and used within our Internal Medicine clerkship, Just In Time Medicine (JIT) accomplishes these critical functions by leveraging cloud-based technology and functioning on all internet enabled devices.

Built to be a self-service interface that facilitates the authoring of customized content and criterion-based assessment tools that are easily accessed and displayed on internet-enabled devices JIT makes possible the capturing and reporting of learner progress through the curriculum. JIT provides easy access to and use of tools and data by students and faculty to accomplish both learner instruction and faculty development and creates permanent records and dashboards of learner competencies for student assessment and curricular evaluation.

Interested in exploring JIT or the process of submitting an assessment yourself? An Assessment Simulation is available at View a 90 second encounter of a learner, assess the learner and submit the assessment. Follow the directions in the PDF document.

JIT Customized Reporting

JIT Rotation Report

Robust assessment reporting enables and simplifies meeting the goals of criterion-based assessment, as well as licensing and accreditation reporting requirements. To have maximal functionality, assessment reports are displayable for users to visualize them in different ways and for different purposes. Additionally a customizable method for calculating the contribution that an individual assessment makes toward achieving a successful outcome is embedded.

JIT Taxonomical Hirearchy

A major feature of the JIT system is the capacity to map user-generated hierarchical taxonomic structures with applied grading schema, enabling dynamic reporting. Importantly, this system allows for multiple, overlapping taxonomies such that student performance can be reported and displayed by any number of paradigms including SCRIPT competencies, EPA’s, milestones and other specific competency frameworks.

JIT Assessment 2

A reporting interface which functions much like a disease registry, the “curricular registry”, allows students, faculty and administrators to see color coded tables of students’ progress to date, enabling the use of this data in determining if students are on an acceptable educational trajectory.

JIT Assessment 3

This registry also simultaneously allows “drill-down” functionality to view the details of each assessment.

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