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Complete Org Chart 041816



Associate Dean for Undergraduate Medical Education
     Dianne Wagner, MD
Medical Director of Simulation
     Matthew Emery, MD
Director of Just-In-Time/Chief Complaints and Concerns
     Gary Ferenchick, MD
Director of Assessment    
     Heather Laird-Fick, MD
Director of Integration and Innovation    
     Anthony Paganini, PhD
Executive Director for Academic Affairs    
     Carol Parker, MPH

Clinical Experiences

Assistant Dean for Clinical Experiences
     Robin DeMuth, MD
Director of the Early Clinical Experience
     William Wonderlin, PhD
Director of the Middle Clinical Experience
     Cindy Arvidson, PhD
Associate Director of the Middle Clinical Experience
     Louis Marks, MD
Director of the Late Clinical Experience
     Churlsun Han, MD
Director of Intersessions
     Helga Toriello, PhD

The Academy and Learning Societies

Director of The Academy
     Brian Mavis, PhD
Learning Society Chiefs
     Patricia Brewer, PhD
     Jonathan Gold, MD
     Sathyanarayan Sudhanthar, MD
     Angela Thompson-Busch, MD, PhD