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Medical education at the Michigan State University College of Human Medicine is organized around a core group of competencies based on the residency competencies adopted by the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME).  These competencies define the essence of our training, provide the foundation for our curriculum, and define our graduation expectations.  The College did not simply adopt them but "made them MSU Green" by adding additional competencies and re-organizing other competencies to better fit the college's mission.  The end result is: Service, Care of Patients, Rationality, Integration, Professionalism and Transformation -- known to our students, faculty and staff as SCRIPT. 

A document which provides an overview of the SCRIPT competency goals is available HERE.

The framework below is used by students, Fellows, educators, and the Competence Committee to design curricular experiences, establish student assessments, and guide the work of the Student Competence Committee in assigning grades and determining promotions.  Criteria used to describe the knowledge, skills and attitudes of learners at the different developmental stages as well as the types of supporting evidence students may provide to the Student Competence Committee are available in the Shared Discovery Curriculum Student Manual for Assessment and Promotion.    

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Course numbers and their corresponding curricular components:

The Early Clinical Experience                                                                                            
HM 552 Medical School I                                                                                                                                                                                          
HM 553 Medical School II

HM 553 Medical School II                                                                                                                                                                                       
HM 554 Medical School III

Middle Clinical Experience
HM 554 Medical School III
HM 555 Medical School IV
HM 556 Medical School V

HM 665 Advanced Skills and Knowledge in Medical School V

Late Clinical Experience
HM 661 Advanced Skills and Knowledge in Medical School I
HM 662 Advanced Skills and Knowledge in Medical School II
HM 663 Advanced Skills and Knowledge in Medical School III
HM 664 Advanced Skills and Knowledge in Medical School IV
Departmental courses