MSU Shared Discovery C Mark R

Placed strategically from the first days of the Shared Discovery Curriculum, and at regular intervals throughout, a suite of progress assessments enables students and their faculty to verify learners’ achievement of competence and readiness to advance. 

Progress testing assesses incremental improvement in student performance over an extended period of time rather than aiming for mastery of a small amount of knowledge. This longitudinal competency assessment facilitates adult learning by measuring the entire body of knowledge  a student should master throughout the student’s medical school education. 

Students take the Progress Suite of Assessments and move through the curriculum as they demonstrate competency. Students are expected to demonstrate incremental improvements and attain minimum levels of performance by the end of each semester for promotion to higher-level courses.  Students receive reports of their performance on these exams at mid-semester and end of semester from the Office of Assessment. 

The components of the Progress Sssessment are carefully aligned with our SCRIPT competencies, testing medical knowledge, skills and real world behaviors. TheProgress Suite enables us to determine not only what our learners know, but also what they can do. 

Additional information on Assessing Progress Across the Curriculum and the Progress Suite of Assessments can be found HERE.

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