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The 24 week Early Clinical Experience (ECE) places students in ambulatory settings learning with medical assistants, nurses, and physicians.  Preparation for clinical work which emphasizes and enables student and patient safety in clinical settings begins immediately. Students are oriented to their ambulatory clinic site and then begin learning the clinics’ processes.

Students participate in patient care activities along with medical assistants after demonstrating the knowledge and skills necessary to safely enter a patient care environment.  They then participate in the care management and population health activities of the practice as well as beginning to perform more focused data gathering on patients with common presenting conditions.  Students apply learnings about basic communication and clinical skills, ethics, the social context of clinical decisions, and the biological science behind clinical findings to their clinical work throughout the ECE.  The college successfully piloted the ECE in the summer of 2013.  Information on this and subsequent pilots.

Learning objectives for each week are delivered using a combination of methodologies which take place in large and small groups as well as via guided independent learning.  SIMULATION forms a backbone of the curriculum, enabling learners to practice, receive feedback, and hone knowledge and skills in a realistic environment. 

ECE students meet twice a week with their Learning Society Fellows in Post Clinic Groups (PCGs).

The Post Clinic Groups fulfill three core functions:

  • Integration of curricular content and clinical experience
  • Preparation for weekly simulations and large group learning experiences
  • Individualized learning plan development and coaching

 A typical “Week in the Life” of a student during the Early Clinical Experience might look like this:

AM Large Group: TBL or Similar Clinical Activity Simulation Guided Independent learning Learning Society Post Clinical Group
PM Guided Independent Learning
Learning Society Post Clinical Group
Virtual Imaging & Physiology Lab
Clinical Activity
Gross Anatomy and Neuroanatomy Lab

Questions or comments about the ECE can be directed to:  SDC Questions: ECE